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:: Hot Tub Commissioning Requirements Guide ::


We will supply two men to deliver & commission your hot tub. We may need assistance if it is difficult access or with the Grand Canyon. Please read through the following and advise us of any difficulties you foresee when we contact you to arrange a suitable time for delivery.

The hot tub will be delivered either on a trailer or a flat bed vehicle measuring up to 7m long, 2.1m wide & 2.4m high. Please ensure there is adequate access for such a vehicle to reach your house/driveway.

The hot tub may be sited using a trolley, which consists of some hardboard mounted on wheels. The tub will be mounted sideways on to the trolley, so the depth of the tub will become the width. Please make a careful note of the hottub measurements & check we will have enough room to site the tub. You should also add a small amount for the trolley & packaging. Also take into account the following points :

  • Are doors, gates or alleyways large enough?
  • Does the hot tub have to be taken over lawn or gravel?
    If so, make sure boards are put down for protection and to assist delivery.
  • Have you taken into account obstructions such as drainpipes, shelves, guttering, taps, etc?
    Make sure these are removed prior to delivery.
  • Is there enough room for turning the tub in tight corners?
  • Is there enough room to access the tub once in position?
    We recommend that there is access to all four sides, however, the most important access point in under the control pad.
  • Are there any steep slopes or walls?
    We can manage small slopes or walls if extra labour is on site to help take the tub off the trolley. However, for larger walls and steep slopes a crane may be necessary.

There must be an appropriate base to hold the weight of the hot tub (eg concrete). We will not leave the spa on grass as it will sink & may damage the lawn and/or hot tub.

There must be a water supply within reach of the tub, usually a hose pipe. There must also be an appropriate electrical supply (13, 20 or 30 amps depending on the spa) which must be wired through an RCD (or circuit breaker) at least 2m away from the hot tub.

Any buried or exposed cable must be armoured and should terminate beside the site of the hot tub with a 4m tail. This must all be carried out by a qualified electrician and we are happy to arrange this for you if you advise us when we contact you regarding delivery.

A chemical starter pack is included in the price of the hot tubs package and we will dose the tub immediately and demonstrate usage so that you can keep your hot tub's water clean & clear at all times.


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