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:: Prestige Spa Range Features ::


All hot tubs within the Prestige range have all these features as standard:

  • OVERSIZED SMOOTH TOP RIM - This allows for comfortable easy access.
  • 4 TIER ENERGY-GUARD INSULATION - Thermal insulation barrier specifically designed to improve the operating efficiency of the spa. This system results in improved running costs and reduced noise levels from the equipment.
  • ILLUMINATED JET INSERTS - Variflow LED waterfall and spa lights combine to create a tranquil ambience.
  • STYRENE CABINET PANELS - Authentic wood grain texture and colour panelling available in three colours. These cabinets have all the stunning attributes of a genuine wood cabinet, but with the durability and maintenance free benefits of plastic.
  • RIGID SPA COVER - All Prestige spas are supplied with a folding rigid foam insulated imitation leather cover.
  • ABS PLASTIC SPA BASE - Our all-weather spa bases are extremely durable, are ideally suited to the outdoors and have the highest impact strength of all plastics.
  • ILLUMINATED BACKDROP DIGITAL DISPLAY - All Prestige spas are fitted with a control pad from which the temperature can be monitored, and pumps, lights and blowers can be switched on and off or synchronised using the timer.
  • ILLUMINATED STAINLESS STEEL JETS - All our Polystorm and Powerstorm jets feature colour sequenced LED mood lighting jet inserts.
  • DETACHABLE HEAD CUSHIONS - Can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • AROMATHERAPY - Our aromatherapy system incorporates a dispenser that introduces fragrance from scented beads directly into the spa's air injection loop which diffuses the soothing aroma to the water for your relaxation and enjoyment.
  • SPA FROG - The Spa Frog is a fully integrated chemical dosing system, through which the spa water is treated continuously. All Prestige Range Spa Frogs are equipped with minerals and Bromine, which are available in safe and easy to install canisters.
  • ERGONOMIC SEATING DESIGN - Every seat in the Spaform Prestige range is ergonomically crafted to fit the body's contours. The large radius corners and barrier-free seating allow you to stretch out and relax completely.
  • MOOD LIGHTING - All of our Prestige Range spas are fitted with our premium mood lighting system. A combination of LED spa lights, illuminated jets and waterfalls create a tranquil ambience. A choice of static or sequenced colours allow you to create an atmosphere to reflect your every mood.

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