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:: Prestige Hot Tubs Jets ::


Prestige Hot Tubs deliver a judicious combination of air and water through the cleverly designed jets, in contrast with some hot tubs which force water out, often at uncomfortably high pressure. Our jets therefore give you the benefit of a soft and soothing massage which is still bold enough
to penetrate deep muscle tissue. Many jets are illuminated for ease of use… while also adding to that all-important ambience:

ClusterCLUSTER - Delivers a firm focused massage with high pressure water.

Cluster PulsatorCLUSTER PULSATOR - The same size as the cluster, but provides a pulsating effect of varied pressure, instead of a constant flow of water.

Poly Standard AdjustablePOLY STANDARD ADJUSTABLE - Durable, flush surface jets deliver a constant stream of water, found in the Prestige 48 and 75 foot-well.

Twin-Roto PolystormTWIN-ROTO POLYSTORM - This roto jet delivers a circular motion effect, reminiscent of a real massage. Illuminated

Directional PolystormDIRECTIONAL POLYSTORM - Similar to the cluster, this delivers a consistent flow of water with even pressure; however it is more gentle and concentrates on a larger area of the body. Illuminated

Roto PolystormROTO POLYSTORM - Similar to the Twin-roto, but with a smaller massage radius and a single stream of water .Illuminated

Twin-Roto PowerstormTWIN-ROTO POWERSTORM - A larger version of the Twin-roto Polystorm, it has
a greater massage radius. Illuminated

Directional PowerstormDIRECTIONAL POWERSTORM - The largest directional jet, it provides a single stream of water which can be angled to target those tense muscles. Illuminated



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