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:: Prestige 30 ::


The Prestige 30 is a compact yet spacious three person spa based on the concept of our highly successful Deep Roma model from the Classic Range. The special design of the Prestige 30 upright seats is the result of extensive research & development to provide a spa in which the shoulders are fully submerged for an intense, invigorating experience.

The lounger seat incorporates four Directional Powerstorm & two Twin-Roto Powerstorm jets, as well as a further eight cluster jets in the lower body area for a luxurious, full body massage.

Seating Capacity
Lounger Seats 1
Directional powerstorm jets
Twin roto powerstorm jets
Directional polystorm jets 4
Roto polystorm jets 2
Twin roto polystorm jets 3
Cluster jets 12
Cluster pulsator jets 0
Poly standard adjustable jets 0
Illuminated waterfall 1
Ozone 3
CD tuner optional
Spa frog 3
Heated air blower 3
Venturi air 3
Aromatherapy 3
LED spa lights 1
Boost pumps 2
Circulation pump 1
Heater type 3kW
ABS spa base 3
Detachable head cushions 3
Floor drains 1
Full cabinet insulation 3
Dimensions 2232 x 1600 x 905mm

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