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:: Prestige 32 ::


At first glance the P32 may appear to be a shallow spa, but looks can be deceiving; the lounger is easily as spacious as that of the Prestige 50. The height of this spa makes it an excellent choice for difficult
to access installations as it will fit through a standard single internal door. The seating options include a shallow ‘cool’ seat where the user sits high in the water featuring a single Roto-polystorm jet. This seat has the mildest massaging effect in this spa. The seat is strategically placed opposite two raised cluster jets in the foot-well to double as an auxiliary lounger. Alternatively, recline in the deep corner seat with its amazingly refreshing shoulder massage jets.

Seating Capacity
Lounger Seats 1
Directional powerstorm jets
Twin roto powerstorm jets
Directional polystorm jets 2
Roto polystorm jets 6
Twin roto polystorm jets 2
Cluster jets 14
Cluster pulsator jets 5
Poly standard adjustable jets 0
Illuminated waterfall 1
Ozone 3
CD tuner x
Spa frog 3
Heated air blower 3
Venturi air 3
Aromatherapy 3
LED spa lights 1
Boost pumps 2
Circulation pump 1
Heater type 3kW
ABS spa base 3
Detachable head cushions 5
Floor drains 1
Full cabinet insulation 3
Dimensions 2020 x 1940 x 750mm

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