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The Prestige 50 is based on our renowned best selling Grand Canyon Legend hot tub of the Classic Range and covers a whole spectrum of individual tastes. It is a diverse and flexible spa with an element of undefined seating more commonly found in commercial spas, a full-length lounger and an ergonomic feature seat of generous dimensions with wrist & calf jet positions. The lounger incorporates a fifteen jet configuration for an allround relaxing massage. The two seats featuring cluster jets provide only a firm pressure, focused massage to pinpoint those tense muscles while the massage effect of the corner-bench seat offers a gentle and soothing alternative.

Seating Capacity
Lounger Seats 1
Directional powerstorm jets
Twin roto powerstorm jets
Directional polystorm jets 0
Roto polystorm jets 3
Twin roto polystorm jets 1
Cluster jets 36
Cluster pulsator jets 0
Poly standard adjustable jets 0
Illuminated waterfall 1
Ozone 3
CD tuner optional
Spa frog 3
Heated air blower 3
Venturi air 3
Aromatherapy 3
LED spa lights 2
Boost pumps 3
Circulation pump 1
Heater type 3kW
ABS spa base 3
Detachable head cushions 6
Floor drains 1
Full cabinet insulation 3
Dimensions 2370 x 2060 x 1035mm

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