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:: Prestige 55 ::


Formerly known as the Anniversary, this commemorative hot tub represents the culmination of more than 20 years of Spaform's innovation in hot tub/spa design and manufacture. It is the only spa in the Prestige Spa Range that features two loungers, each with its own distinctive character providing a different massage style. The dualseat is extremely cosy; ideal for intimate relaxation or just enjoying greater freedom with more space. Opposite is a deep single seat that also boasts calf and wrist jets.


Seating Capacity
Lounger Seats 2
Directional powerstorm jets
Twin roto powerstorm jets
Directional polystorm jets 0
Roto polystorm jets 4
Twin roto polystorm jets 0
Cluster jets 31
Cluster pulsator jets 4
Poly standard adjustable jets 0
Illuminated waterfall 1
Ozone 3
CD tuner optional
Spa frog 3
Heated air blower x
Venturi air 3
Aromatherapy x
LED spa lights 2
Boost pumps 3
Circulation pump 1
Heater type 3kW
ABS spa base 3
Detachable head cushions 2
Floor drains 1
Full cabinet insulation 3
Dimensions 2240 x 2240 x 890mm

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